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Based on research originally related to US aerospace and military use,V-KOOL® is the world’s first wavelength selective window coating that provides a virtually transparent protective barrier against the sun’s heat and radiation. Wavelength selective coatings enable the Stealth Bomber to evade detection by reducing the aircraft’s radar footprint.

The technology behind V-KOOL®’s revolutionary performance is in the complex process of embedding multiple atomic layers of heat reflecting precious metals (Gold, Silver and Indium Oxide) onto the world’s top 1% grade substrate.

This wavelength selective technology allows V-KOOL® films to reflect infrared (heat) rather than absorb. Heat absorbing films can cause intensive heat build-up in the car due to heat re-radiation and cause thermal stress onto the glass that can result in glass breakage or cracks.

The onslaught of extreme weather in the past few decades has been nothing short of a sobering reminder of how our activities impact the Earth. V-KOOL is committed to fight climate change and protect our environment.

V-KOOL as the global leader in spectrally selective window films. By selectively rejecting solar heat, and reducing air conditioning loads, V-KOOL improves the fuel efficiency of your car by 3%, translating to a 132 kg reduction in carbon emissions every year.

Consider this: there are more than 500 million cars worldwide. V-KOOL advance coating can improve fuel efficiency by 3%, which is equivalent to 132kg reduction of CO2 per car every year. If V-KOOL is applied on every car in the world, it can reduce close to 66 million tonnes of CO2!