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Awards & Accolades

V-KOOL is recognized globally as the leader in providing daylight harvesting and energy efficiency solutions through advanced thin film coatings for architectural and automotive glass.

To-date, more than 22 million car owners and buildings in close to 30 countries have enjoyed the spectrally selective technology.

Manufactured and processed in USA and Germany, V-KOOL Technology has won numerous accolades globally.


Top 100 Inventions of the Millennium

V-KOOL technology is considered so revolutionary that it was voted by a top US science and technology magazine, Popular Science, as one of the Top 100 inventions of the Millennium alongside other inventions such as the telephone, canned food, internet and the refrigerator.



Singapore Book of Records, 2005

In the 1st edition of the Singapore Book of Records in 2005, V-KOOL was named as “Franchise for the Only Spectrally-Selective Window Film”. Singapore Book of Records records every Singaporean or Singapore business that has broken out of the extraordinary to be different in various aspects of life.



Franchisor of the Year Award, 2008

V-KOOL & IQue were awarded Franchisor of the Year by the Franchising & Licensing Association (Singapore) for the robust franchise business arrangement.



Singapore Prestige Brand Award (2009)

V-KOOL & IQue were awarded the Singapore Prestige Brand Award by Citi Bank, Lianhe Zaobao, Singapore Press Holdings Ltd & ASME for its established branding stature & extensive network presence in Asia-Pacific, Middle East and others.



Green Building Product Certification

IQue suite of spectrally selective window films, powered by V-KOOL energy efficient technology help to reduce CO2 emissions and promotes sustainability for residential and commercial buildings. The certification was awarded by Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) under its Green Building Product Certification Scheme.