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Global Envirocare Manifesto

V-KOOL and IQue denotes the ideal solution for car owners, architects, home owners and boat owners in quest for daylight harvesting and making cars, buildings and boats more eco-friendly and energy efficient.

V-KOOL is committed to the reducing carbon footprints through its very own Envirocare initiatives and activities.


Improved Fuel Economy

Independent desert testing by the U.S Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) proved that a car retrofitted with V-KOOL technology enjoyed a fuel savings of 3% annually compared to a similar car without V-KOOL.



Increased Passenger Comfort

V-KOOL is a ‘green’ product that creates ‘A Clearer and More Efficient World’.

A V-KOOL coated car improves passenger comfort level by 20% to 30% faster than other cars with standard tinted glass.



Decrease temperature

A study done together with Toyota USA shows that car installed with V-KOOL can achieve an average of 9 degrees cooler for interior car cabin temperature.



Decreased in carbon dioxide emission

A V-KOOL car can reduce up to 132kg of carbon dioxide per car per year from emitting into the environment. Till date, V-KOOL has help in reducing tonnes of carbon dioxide emission to the environment. In addition, IQue window films when coated on a 100 square meters glass can reduce 10,600kWh of electricity or 9,500kg of carbon dioxide per year.

Commence your intelligent and sustainable lifestyle today with V-KOOL and IQue and bring your working and living space closer to ‘green’.